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TOT Session Underway in Kumasi

  • Penulis Emmanuel Gbeve
  • Tanggal Publikasi 18 September 2018

The Kumasi HUB is hosting the refresher Training of Trainers (TOT) of the EQWIP entrepreneurship curriculum. The workshop will draw participants, Partners & stakeholders from Tamale, Accra and Kumasi who are contributing or leading the implementation of the EQWIP HUBS project. The Country Manager, Madam Gifty will be in attendance and will also hold conveying sessions with private sector players...

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Connecting with Alumni

  • Penulis Michelle Thompson
  • Tanggal Publikasi 12 Desember 2016

Deloris Enyo Awalime is a proud alumnus of Wisconsin International University College. A resilient, dedicated, practical and result oriented person with hands on experience in customer service, marketing, beading, administrating, tutoring and community based work. Deloris completed our Foundational and Employability training. Deloris is 34 years old and has worked with companies such as Whiteface...

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(This post was written by the Sustainable Partnerships Advisor, Bonnie Boyd.) We have been pleased to welcome our first set of participants who are completing the Foundational training program at EQWIP HUBs Accra. The HUB has been busy with preparations and the energy of new faces! As I type, the hub is full of participants who are taking part in an exercise, just one of many activities in the...

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Akwaaba to EQWIP HUBs Accra, Ghana!

  • Penulis Bonnie Boyd
  • Tanggal Publikasi 4 April 2016

Worldwide, youth unemployment and the complications that result are a significant issue, including Ghana. Over the past several months while preparing for a successful launch of EQWIP HUBs, we have learned and gained insight regarding youth unemployment in Ghana. In Accra, young women and men experience different opportunities, conditions and privileges that are not always equal across the socio-economic...

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